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Are there any undesirable habits, recurring patterns, or triggers you wish to break free from? Or are you unhappy in a relationship and want to change it? Perhaps you’ve made heartfelt resolutions to be more loving, efficient, courageous, disciplined, or clearer, only to find yourself falling short of your goals.

Do these repeated disappointments weigh you down, sapping your energy, self-confidence, and overall quality of life? If you’re feeling trapped in this downward spiral, remember, you don’t have to navigate it alone.                                                                                                         First and foremost, I want you to understand that it is not your fault, but your responsibility to change it. It is the deep-seated programmes of your subconscious that are preventing you from progressing. But remember, within YOU lies the power to overcome these obstacles and free yourself.

When we alter our internal state, external circumstances will naturally evolve. You need not possess any specific knowledge, and can’t do anything wrong, I will lead you towards your desired outcome.

I’ve had the privilege of holding space and supporting transformations for over 50 people now, and I have also initiated countless transformations in myself that have been truly remarkable and distinctive. I am here to offer you a unique, personalized and uncomplicated approach and with my intuition, expertise and experience I am more than ready to effectively guide you through your journey.

If you truly desire a transformation in your life, reach out to me and embrace that pivotal first step towards your liberation today.








HEAL YOUR INNER CHILD … and with it your relationships!

I am Kristina, and my mission is to support, especially, women who long for more  self-love and happier, stable and harmonious relationships!

If you have discovered that you are entangled in stubborn patterns of thinking, behaviour and/or relationships, and you want to change this, know that I am here to guide you on the path towards your transformation, if you wish.

I work with Belief Coding®, a spiritual and science-backed modality, which I consider the safest, swiftest, most effective for transforming realities. It doesn’t just address the surface issue; it delves deep to resolve the root cause, offering a lasting transformation.

healing the world one belief at a time

My Services for you

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1:1 Belief Coding® Session

– Working on 1 discomfort

– duration 1,5hr-3hrs

– online

Bundle of 3

– 3 x 1:1 Belief Coding® Sessions

– 3 different dates, within one month

– discomforts can be different every time or the same, client chooses

– online

Coaching with Belief Coding®

– this approach is highly personalized, focusing on at least one life area, where we address and transform all limiting beliefs and associated trapped emotions

– The duration of a coaching depends on the number of areas you want to address and the depth of discomfort associated with each one

– coaching calls both before and after to ensure alignment and integration throughout the process

– online

Kristina Steigerwald

Pedagogue / Coach / beliefcoding® & yinyoga facilitator/ Energyhealer/ Muse

I am Kristina Steigerwald, a Digital Nomad on a mission to explore the world while contributing to its healing through my love, energy, and the transformative power of Belief Coding®. It’s our birthright to live a happy, abundant life, and I’ve discovered powerful ways to fulfill my mission and serve the world.

My expertise is derived from my personal healing journey, academic studies in education and psychology, along with more than 12 years of experience as a Pedagogue. My training and expertise as a Belief Coding® Facilitator, I was 2022 the first one in Germany, have not only deepened my knowledge but have also opened entirely new horizons. I also hold a Certificate in Psychoanalytic Pedagogy and have honed my skills as a H’oponopono and Yin Yoga practitioner along my journey. As I progress, I am committed to expanding my healing abilities and energy.

I was always interested in Spirituality and kind of felt that there is more than what we get taught to be true, and the science could explain. I somehow believed in miracles and my superpower to make the world a better place, and now I know I was right.

With Belief Coding®, my dream of living my best life and reaching more and more potential became a reality, and I absolutely adore it!

Now, this is your opportunity!

by changing your beliefs, you change your life


Belief Coding®

and my work

It will change your life, if you open yourself to it!

Belief Coding® was founded 2021 by Jessica Cunningham from England.

Belief Coding® is a remarkable fusion of spirituality and scientifically supported techniques. It operates at the very core of your inner discord, propelling you from the constraints of the past into a realm of newfound freedom and boundless possibilities.

The Belief Coding® approach is a transformative that directly addresses and modifies limiting beliefs at the subconscious level. This is crucial because, approximately 95% of the time, our actions and thoughts are governed by the subconscious mind, essentially putting our unconscious beliefs in charge of our reality.

The methodology of Belief Coding® draws from a wide array of effective disciplines, including Psychology, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Meditation, Matrix Re-imprinting, Emotion Coding, Kinesiology, and Energy Healing. By bringing together the best practices from these various fields, I ensure a comprehensive and powerful approach.

During our sessions, you’ll share what you wish to transform, and I will guide you to explore the origins of the thoughts, emotions, and beliefs that have contributed to your discomfort. Together, we’ll then work to transform these self-limiting beliefs in a straightforward, effective, and safe manner.

I want to emphasize that when you work with me, there’s absolutely no pressure and no judgment. You’re not obligated to share anything that makes you uncomfortable, and there’s no right or wrong way to go about it. You don’t need any prior knowledge or specific preparation. All the answers required for your transformation are already within you; your body holds the wisdom, and we will unlock the keys to your desired future.

The number of sessions needed for your goals can vary. Many discomforts can be resolved in just one session, depending on how many beliefs and emotions are interconnected with the issue. In our first session, we can determine how many sessions may be required to achieve your desired outcomes.

Let’s begin this journey, my dear, because you absolutely deserve to thrive!

Belief Coding®


when you believe, it’s possible, then it is

“I had a Belief Coding® session with Kristina on Monday 7th November 2022. My discomfort was, I couldn’t stop smoking. During the session, Kristina really held the space for me, and we coded in some amazing new beliefs included “I am a non-smoker”. Well, throughout the remainder of that Monday, I smoked like a demon! It was if I needed to smoke more than ever!!! What had gone wrong??? Then I woke up on Tuesday morning and much to my surprise I didn’t want my usual morning cigarette, in fact I didn’t want one at all. Yes, I have had the occasional pang for that nicotine buzz, but truly and honestly I really don’t want a cigarette at all! I guess that’s because I am a non-smoker now!”

– Carry from UK (Belief Coding Facilitator to be) 

“The work done with Kristina was really fantastic. She allowed me to reach a depth of myself that I would never have reached with traditional methods. It’s hard to put into words the work we did, but she really helped me to release blockages that I’ve been carrying inside all my life…literally, even blockages that I’ve been carrying around since before I was born. Kristina also helped me work on some chakras that were hampering me in some aspects of my current life, bringing immediate and observable benefits into my daily life. I’m really grateful for the work done with her and I hope, she can help as many people as possible in their healing journey.”

– Elenore from Italy (Psychologist)

“My session with Kristina was powerful! I have been having anxiety and panic attacks this past year due to a stressful work environment. Kristina helped me find the root cause of my distress, and we replaced my beliefs around it. She took so much extra time to get to the core of the issue, and I can honestly say, I felt a big shift. Kristina has such a big heart and her desire to help and transform people´s lives is very apparent. I highly recommend doing a session with her.”

– Marianne from Canada (School-Assistent)


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