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Have you once again overreacted or under-reacted in a certain situation? Have you actually resolved to change something, such as being more loving, more efficient, more courageous, more disciplined or clearer, but in the end again failed to implement it? Do these disappointments drag you down more and more, drain your energy, your self-confidence and your quality of life, and you just can’t find a way out of this downward spiral by yourself?

Let me tell you first, it’s not your fault, it’s your programs in your subconscious that keep you from moving forward; if we change what’s going on inside us, things will change all by themselves on the outside. And you don’t have to know anything, you can’t do anything wrong, I will guide you to your goal. 

I was allowed to accompany more than 50 sessions with others and many Self-facilitations on myself, and the changes are so unique and miraculous! I can show you a unique, and individualized, simple way and accompany you competently on this.

So, if you really want a change in your life, contact me and take the first step towards your freedom now.


I am Kristina and I help people who want more inner freedom, self-love and ease in their lives, but feel trapped in their old patterns of thinking and behaviour and can’t get out on their own.

I work with Belief Coding®, the safest, fastest and most effective method, I know.

It solves the “problem” at the root cause, and thus forever. 

healing the world one belief at a time

My Services for you

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1:1 Belief Coding® Session

– Working on 1 discomfort

– duration 1,5hr-3hrs

– online

Bundle of 3

– 3 x 1:1 Belief Coding® Sessions

– 3 different dates, within one month

– discomforts can be different every time or the same, client chooses

– online

Coaching with Belief Coding®

– Very individual, at least 1 area of life where we work through all limiting beliefs and emotions connected to the area

– duration depends on how many areas and the depth of discomfort

– coaching call/s before and after to align and integrate

– online

by changing your beliefs, you change your life

About Belief Coding®
and my work

It will change your life, if you let it!

Belief Coding® is a spiritual and science-backed modality that works on the roots of your discomfort to transform you from limitations to wings and freedom.

Belief Coding® changes limiting beliefs at a subconscious level directly. This is important because circa 95% of the time we are acting and thinking from our subconscious, like on autopilot, so our unconscious beliefs are actually running the show of our reality.

Belief Coding® uses elements of Psychology, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Meditation, Matrix-Re-imprinting, Emotion Coding, Kinesiology and Energy Healing – so the best working methods put in one.

During the sessions the client explains what he or she wants to transform, and I will guide to understand where certain thoughts, feelings, and beliefs have come from that created the discomfort, and then we transform the self-limiting beliefs in a simple, effective and safe way.

When you work with me, there is never any pressure, no judgment, and you don’t have anything to share, if you don’t feel comfortable to share, we still can get the work done.  You can’t do or say anything wrong, you don’t have anything to do or to know beforehand. You carry all the answers we need for the transformation, already inside of you, your body knows, and we will get the keys to unlock your desired future. 

Many discomforts can be solved in only one session, it always depends on how many beliefs and emotions are connected to the discomfort, but we can find out in the first session, how many sessions are needed for your goal.

Let’s start, my love, you deserve to heal and live your best life!

Kristina Steigerwald

Pedagogue Coach Energyhealer Muse
beliefcoding® & yinyoga facilitator

I am Kristina Steigerwald, a Digital Nomad, travelling the world and supporting the healing of the world with my love, my energy and Belief Coding®.

At this point in my life, I am so in love with life and in peace with myself and the world, and my passion and mission is to support others to get there, too.

It’s our birthright to have a happy and abundant life, and I’ve found miraculous ways and my healing power to live my mission and serve the world.

But all this wouldn’t be possible for me if I didn’t go through my own shadows and pain, if I didn’t need to heal my past and experienced suffering, failures and disappointments. But because I did and believed in endless possibilities, I’ve found very powerful and easy solutions, healing methods and my power to support others on their journeys of healing.

Everything I do, I do from the heart, because I know the challenges and how it feels to be stuck and in pain, and because I have found a way out, I am now more than ready to guide you if you feel the call.

My main expertise comes from my own healing journey, my academic studies and over 12 years of work as a Pedagogue and of course my Training and Sessions as a Belief Coding® Facilitator. On my path I also got a Certificate in Psychoanalytic Pedagogy, as a H´oponopono – and Yin Yoga practitioner.

With Belief Coding® my dream came true to live my best life and my highest potential, and I freaking loving it!

Now, it’s your turn!

Belief Coding®


when you believe, it’s possible, then it is

“I had a Belief Coding® session with Kristina on Monday 7th November 2022. My discomfort was, I couldn’t stop smoking. During the session, Kristina really held the space for me, and we coded in some amazing new beliefs included “I am a non-smoker”. Well, throughout the remainder of that Monday, I smoked like a demon! It was if I needed to smoke more than ever!!! What had gone wrong??? Then I woke up on Tuesday morning and much to my surprise I didn’t want my usual morning cigarette, in fact I didn’t want one at all. Yes, I have had the occasional pang for that nicotine buzz, but truly and honestly I really don’t want a cigarette at all! I guess that’s because I am a non-smoker now!”

– Carry from UK (Belief Coding Facilitator to be) 

“The work done with Kristina was really fantastic. She allowed me to reach a depth of myself that I would never have reached with traditional methods. It’s hard to put into words the work we did, but she really helped me to release blockages that I’ve been carrying inside all my life…literally, even blockages that I’ve been carrying around since before I was born. Kristina also helped me work on some chakras that were hampering me in some aspects of my current life, bringing immediate and observable benefits into my daily life. I’m really grateful for the work done with her and I hope, she can help as many people as possible in their healing journey.”

– Elenore from Italy (Psychologist)

“My session with Kristina was powerful! I have been having anxiety and panic attacks this past year due to a stressful work environment. Kristina helped me find the root cause of my distress, and we replaced my beliefs around it. She took so much extra time to get to the core of the issue, and I can honestly say, I felt a big shift. Kristina has such a big heart and her desire to help and transform people´s lives is very apparent. I highly recommend doing a session with her.”

– Marianne from Canada (School-Assistent)


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